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Chris Robinson  

Based in Norfolk, I established BOUNCE to provide services to a multitude of clients, and offer a unique range of skills to enhance promotional literature, marketing campaigns and presentations from concept to completion. I'd been training and working as a concept architect, when the opportunity to make a career move seemed a useful one... the economy had changed, and construction had all but dried up!

BOUNCE can also help with client’s graphic design requirements, whether working with presentations, websites or products for print. I have previous experience working with a variety of projects – whether for individuals, small businesses or multi-national companies. The last two years have seen the design of album and EP artwork, promotional websites, posters and merchandise, as well as graphics for corporate document suites, presentation banners, exhibition materials and public consultation boards.



The use of interactive 360° panoramas allows virtual tours to be added to websites or video presentations – enabling clients to convey their buildings in three dimensions. This is a specialist service that is tailored for estate agents, architects, developers and museums, but can be used for a wide range of digital marketing purposes.

Commercial photography, complimented by digital image editing, restoration and creative enhancement, helps clients to configure a service that best suits their individual needs. Photographs can be edited with dramatic results - to add excitement, remove problem areas or to remedy poor weather conditions.

The most important thing about BOUNCE, is our relationship with you! I believe in forming an accurate brief with the client by working through ideas to sketch out a concept for the final work produced. Too many designers rush off with an idea, forgetting to ask the client whether this is really what they would like... it wastes time, and therefore wastes money. Ultimately, creative design must come from an open mind that is not limited by rules, and here at BOUNCE, I use this philosophy, along with my various skills, to give the finest results.


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